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Spring Educational Event

April 23, 2023
Connecting Cultures



It featured the Stone Sound Collective
Sean Blackman’s In Transit

Music Event: Welcome


Mark Stone


Prof. Mark Stone is a composer-performer with a passion for using music to bring diverse communities together. An internationally recognized percussionist, Stone has performed with the foremost musicians of Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, India, Trinidad, Ecuador, and the United States. As a composer his work is rooted in traditions stretching from classical Indian music to European concert music and American jazz to traditional African music. 

Sean Blackman

Screenshot (14).png

Sean Blackman’s unique World Music style is influenced by his deep passion for traditional ethnic music from around the world and of course, growing up in Detroit -- Jazz, Blues, Rock and Soul. Blackman works with internationally renowned performers as well as Detroit’s finest and always brings a cross-culture approach to his shows and recordings. 

Music Event: News
Music Event: Pro Gallery
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