2021 Huron Valley
 MLK Day
Drive-Up Rally


January 17, 2021

Despite a world-wide pandemic, the HVMLK Committee found a safe way to celebrate MLK Day. The parking lot at the local food pantry, near Milford, MI, was used and a "big screen," along with a radio station, was available to everyone while remaining in their car. Families were asked to make signs and display however they wished.

Watching and listening to Martin Luther King's famous speech, "I Have A Dream," was quite a treat considering we thought we would have to cancel any in-person gatherings. 

Donations to the food pantry were also collected as the cars drove in. Lakeland High School students provided parking guidance and safe food collection.

Enjoy the photos.

Thank you, Tera Johnson of Lakeland High School, for this great video!

Thank you, Tera Johnson of Lakeland High School, for this great video!

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Our Day "On"

On MLK day we gather to assemble donated ingredients into specially designed bags. The bags are then delivered to our local food pantry to be shared with families in need throughout the Huron Valley School District.

Families are invited to purchase the ingredients and design their own bag at home or join in a group activity on MLK holiday and work together decorating and filling bags. ​Either way, it is exhilarating and fun to participate with neighbors in making our day off a DAY ON.

In 2021, due to the pandemic, we were not able to gather. However, families across the school district gathered soup ingredients, decorated bags and dropped them off at the food pantry. 

There is always a way to feed the hungry!